Nurses who wish to work in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) would always encounter the word HAAD certificate as one of the major requirements. The emirate of Abu Dhabi requires all medical professionals who wish to work in their area of jurisdiction to be registered at Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

It aims to provide a solid foundation for licensing health professionals in Abu Dhabi by the use of assessment tools that measure core and specialist competencies required for each professional group.

The HAAD certificate gives a nurse or other medical workers the license to practice their profession in Abu Dhabi. Nurses who took and passed the HAAD-RN exam can legally be deployed in any private health care facilities in Abu Dhabi. The HAAD exam can be taken in any Pearson Vue testing center.

Although most examinees view the HAAD-RN exam to be a lot easier than NCLEX, it doesn’t mean that it is very easy, too. The questions in HAAD-RN exam aim to show the nurses’ basic,  fundamental, and advanced knowledge about the nursing profession. It has also been observed that this examination now integrates Research and Evidence-based practices conducted in the Middle East Countries.

At I-Review, we  provide a CRITICAL REVIEW of the most significant concepts frequently appearing in the examinations. It promises an integrative, innovative and challenging drills that will ultimately boost your confidence to take and pass the HAAD-RN Examination.

Course Fee: PhP5,500.00
Inclusion: Modules, comprehensive lectures with question drills, answers and rationalization.


Step 1: Pay 50% of the course fee to avail of the REVIEW MODULES.

Step 2: Live lectures will be conducted at specified dates.


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