Saudi Prometric-RN

Prometric Examination for Nurses is the popular name for Saudi Council Examination. In order to ensure a better employment status in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this is a priority requirement on all agencies sending nurses there. According to news in 2009 by the Manila Bulletin, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) emphasized that nurses must pass this kind of exam when intending to work in Saudi Arabia. There is a great reason why it is being encouraged since working in foreign lands may mean that nurses must be competent enough in meeting the different nursing needs of the international clients.

This type of examination is actually similar to the nursing licensure examination that nurses must pass in the Philippines. It is the Saudi Commission that mandates the existence and efficacy of this type of examination.

A study shows that more than 50% of nurses that are deployed to the K.S.A. do not have the SCHS-RN Certificate and are obliged to take the examination upon arrival in the Kingdom. This gives an additional stress to the nurse  and that some of them upon failing for the third time (the maximum allowable) in the exam are forced repatriated to the Philippines. In the Philippines, there are two exam centers – one in Cebu and another in Makati. It is highly recommended that nurses should take and pass the examination before they apply for a job destined to the K.S.A. to be given the priority over other applicants.

The I-Review Team conducts the REVIEW ESSENTIALS program which aims to refresh and enhance both the complex and easy nursing concepts that are frequently appearing in the actual SCHS-RN Exams.

Course Fee: PhP5,000.00
Inclusion: Modules, comprehensive lectures with question drills, answers and rationalization.


Step 1: Pay the 50% of the course fee. Upon payment, you will be issued with the REVIEW MODULES.

Step 2: Live lectures will be conducted at specified dates.


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